In a closely contested 10m air pistol mixed team final against China at the ongoing Hangzhou Asian Games, Divya TS and Sarabjot Singh clinched the silver medal, contributing to India’s shooting tally of 19 medals. The Indians had secured a spot in the gold medal match by topping the table earlier in the day. However, they relinquished their lead during the final as Jiang Ranxin and Zhang Bowen staged a remarkable comeback, ultimately prevailing with a score of 16-14.

India initiated the final with a comfortable 4-0 lead in the first two series. Nonetheless, China managed to secure their first points with a tied third series and subsequently claimed the fourth series amidst resounding cheers in the arena.

India maintained a solid position at 7-3 when both Chinese shooters delivered shots in the 9s, prompting their coach to call for a timeout. This pause in momentum worked in China’s favor, as they matched India’s score, leveling the final at 7-7 and applying pressure to the Indian team.

In response, Divya displayed with a score of 10.8. The Indian duo continued their impressive performance, winning the next two series and extending their lead to 11-7. However, Zhang’s impressive 10.7 score allowed China to narrowly clinch the following series by a mere 0.1 points, once again drawing level at 11-11.

It was at this juncture that Indian coach Munkhbayar Dorjsuren called for another timeout and conferred with both shooters. Unfortunately, this break did not yield significant results, as India relinquished their lead for the first time in the final, with China winning the next series by a margin of 0.2 points.

The subsequent series assumed pivotal importance, and India managed to secure it with a narrow 0.1-point advantage, restoring parity at 13-13. The game reached its zenith as the next series ended in a tie, setting the stage for a climactic showdown at 14-14, where the victor would claim the coveted gold medal.

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